We provide bespoke solutions in thermal management for the oil, gas and nuclear power industries.

Using a range of high temperature materials we design and manufacture made-to-measure thermal jackets for an arbitrary number of requirements to give the best possible control of heat loss. Our solutions are designed to provide easy assembly and access during routine maintenance, and are available with pre-tailored fastenings including straps, poppers and velcro.

Other solutions include nuclear fuel boxes adhering to strict quality standards, and glass fibre filters for the oil industry. We’ll work with your team to design an engineered solution that best meets the challenge.

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Needle Mat


Silicone Coated Cloth

Dense fibreglass blanket used for insulation in sewn jackets.

Bespoke jackets for generators and other pipework.

Glass fibre cloth coated in a silicone rubber used in sewn jackets.

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‘’The solution was designed, manufactured and delivered to our nuclear facility within weeks. I can’t recommend Custom Insulation highly enough”.

Engineer, Nuclear industry